1. 2021 Winter Student Concert @ Mixx360!

    Onset Music is very excited to announce that this years Winter Student Concert will be hosted at Mixx360 in Malden!  Mixx360 is an amazing concert venue and we cannot wait for these hard working students to experiance what it is like to perform on the same stage as national recording artists and premier bands.  

    *If you are intersted in performing...please reserve your time with the front desk at Onset.

    *There will be 3 shows (11am, 1pm, 3pm)

    *Tickets are available at the front desk at Onset Music in Wakefield ($15 each)

    *Students do not need tickets


  2. Piano Recital "Hosted by Jiri Nedoma"

  3. Song Writing Workshop

    Week One - Tell Me a Story: Learn to write compelling lyrics with your words and the right amount of details.


    Week Two - A Bit of Theory: The melody you sing and chords you play are just as important as the story you tell.  We’ll discuss popular chord progressions and musical scales.


    Week Three - Be Yourself: Use your influences to develop a unique voice and playing style.


    Week Four - The Song is the Star: Apply your talent and techniques to serve the song not yourself.


    Week Five - Speed is Everything: Find the right tempo and rhythm for your song.


    Week Six - Play it Like a Hit: Learn how to perform your song with confidence and captivate your audience.


    Week Seven - Dress Rehearsal


    Week Eight - Final Performance