Piano (prelude program)

Welcome to the Prelude Program!  This "private lesson" program is an introduction into the wonderful world of teaching music.  

Onset finds the best people.  The up and coming.  The ones who check off all the boxes. 

These fun, educational and effective lessons will help these music teachers gain even more experiance.  

In exchange, students will receive their introduction to music for as low as $29/half hour.  It's a win-win. 


With out further ado, Onset Music is excited to introduce to you:


Will Politano (piano & saxophone)


Will Politano is from Reading, Massachusetts where he participated in instrumental activities for his entire high school career such as Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble.  He graduated from Providence College in 2020 where he partook in Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and, Funk Ensemble, and a Jazz Combo.  Will has several years of experience playing saxophone, piano, and mallet percussion.  At Providence College, Will received a History degree and in addition, a minor in English and Musical performance  Will has played piano and saxophone for over ten years and percussion for over six years.  Will has experience in composition and music theory.  He currently is working to become a History teacher and is a paraeducator at Lynnfield High School.


Will is offering lessons on Fridays and Saturdays.

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