Derek Mattuchio – (IN STUDIO & online)

Derek James Mattuchio is a native of Wakefield and has been performing musically for almost 30 years. It all started with the WHS Marching Band, their award winning Percussion Ensemble & Derek was one of the founders of their Contemporary Music Ensemble. Derek went on to teach at Saugus High School and Saugus' Elementary Schools. In the early to mid 2000's Derek found what would eventually be know as the jam/rock/folk band 'Meet the Day', sharing the stage with some amazing acts, such as, Nora Jones, Colin Hay, Vertical Horizon and the Samples to name a few. Onset approached Derek about 15 years ago and he has been a staple character in this amazing music schools history and foreseeable future. Although spending 10 years in Florence Italy, most of his time there was spent either on the microphone, strumming a guitar or behind a drum set. In 2017 Derek recorded his first solo album entitled "Master of None" which also features members of the Lumineers. Most importantly, Derek sets out to inspire and to be inspired. Any musical level is accepted and He looks forward to learning with his students just as much as teaching them.