Esteban Godoy – Piano

I am from Asunción, Paraguay. Currently, I am based in Boston, Massachusetts. I am a pianist  and I compose my music, improvise and enjoy teaching. I believe music can serve as a tool to  give people an opportunity to develop their personalities, foster their dreams, and providing tools  to find and create a way to personal development. I have studied at the Anton Bruckner Private  University in Linz Austria, At the Jam Music Lab private University in Vienna, and the Longy  School of Music of Bard College in Boston, from where I hold a Master's Degree in Jazz and  contemporary performance. I have played concerts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, United  States, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and more.  

If you are willing to learn how to play the piano or you are an advanced player who wants to  learn how to improvise or just want to learn pop, jazz tunes, or folk songs I would love to work  with you!  

My Philosophy: In addition to teaching the technical aspects of learning the instrument, I focus  on giving my students some values that music can give us and help us in our personal growth. 

These are things that I value and I always try to remember.