Janine Antonellis – (IN STUDIO & online)

Janine Antonellis is a pianist, vocalist, singer-songwriter, performer and instructor. She began performing regularly at Howl At
The Moon in Downtown Boston in 2014. She learned the art of performing, entertaining a crowd and developing herself as an
artist at home. Over the past few years, Janine has learned to play electric bass and drums while working at Howl At the Moon.
She has played in various general business bands throughout the New England area. 
Janine graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Music with a concentration in
Contemporary Writing & Production and a minor in Music Production and Music Business. Janine is using the skills she has
learned and developed while at Berklee to write her own music.
Janine is using her education from Berklee to further herself as a songwriter, performer, producer and arranger. She describes
her music as a blend of Pop, Alternative Rock and R&B.
Janine is currently a freelance performer in the New England area and actively plays with the award winning function band,
Brick Park, as a keyboardist and vocalist.