Will Nelson – In STUDIO & Online

Will Nelson grew up in Roselle, New Jersey and has been playing guitar since the age of 8. One of his greatest influences is his cousin Robert Randolph, who is a world renowned steel guitarist, who he watched play every Sunday in church as a child. Although Will lacked knowledge in music theory and proper technique, growing up in church has taught him the intangible aspects of music. Many genres have branched from Gospel music, therefore unconsciously, Will’s upbringing has made him an extremely versatile guitarist. Playing styles in the likes of Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Country and more.

Not even knowing his notes on the guitar, Will received a partial scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music, where he attained a B.M in Contemporary Writing & Production. Combining his unconventional learning experiences with elite guitar training at Berklee has given him both an unique and effective teaching style.

Will has a heart for teaching, simply because he was once the student that knew nothing about this complex instrument. But with his intense study and years of experience, he desires to give every student the keys to unlocking their own voice and full potential on the instrument. But most importantly, while having fun!