"My wife found Onset online and I can hardly begin to say how glad I am that she did! I know that my daughter is enjoying her lessons because the results are amazing. It is wonderful to have such a caring, supportive and positive place like Onset in our area. I highly recommend Onset for anyone considering music lessons!"

- Rob B. (Parent)

"As an adult learner, I can't say enough how pleased I am with how Onset adjusts to my style. The teachers are phenomenal which is not all that surprising given their backgrounds! Onset's teachers bring an infectious positive vibe that really excites their students!"

- Rick S. (Student)
North Reading

"As an adult with no prior musical training I am now well on my way to playing piano! After just a couple of months I can play 2 songs and have a very good general knowledge of how to read, write and play music."

- David M (Student)

"My son Sean has been attending Onset for 5 years and he never complained once about coming to his lessons. "

- John D (Parent)

"At 44 years old I am learning how to play the piano and I have to say that is because of my teacher Mike and Onset's owner BJ that I have stuck with it. This place is amazing!!"

- Mike P (Student)

"I like the snack room! I also like it because it's like a maze! The game room's is cool too. ...And when it's your music lesson, I like to draw on the chalk board. "

- Madison C. (Young Student)

"Onset is one of the best music schools in the world! The teachers are so amazing; they put their passion into helping people learn!"

- Natalia S. (Student)

"My favorite place on the planet! I started lessons here in 7th grade and now I'm a music major in college! My lessons not only prepared me for college, but also inspired me and shaped me into the well rounded musician I am today."

- Alyssa A. (Student)

"Onset is amazing! It is the best music school EVER"

- Sarah P (Student)

"A top shelf establishment run by friendly professionals who have always gone the extra mile to help us in every possible way."

- Lou S (Musician)

"I like coming here because the teachers are very talented, and nice! Everyone is very knowledgeable and they push you to be the best you can be. It's great being in an ensemble. You meet students who share your passion and love of music!"

- Josh M. (Student)

"Onset School of Music is amazing. I could not play anything before and now I can play several songs on 2 instruments! Onset is a really fun music school."

- Taylor G (Student)

"Two of my boys are taking lessons here, Piano and Drums. It has been such a positive and rewarding experience for all of us. They look forward to their lessons each week!"

- Colleen E (Parent)

"A comfortable and motivating place! Lots of talent and knowledge here!"

- Rachel P (Student)

"I highly recommend Onset Music for music lessons for everyone of all ages. My children have flourished in there musical capabilities because Onset makes learning fun and interesting. Great atmosphere and great teachers!"

- Debbie M (Parent)